Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday apple barrel

They brought the barrel into the house workshop (downstairs on the concrete) and talked over the project.   She told Daddy she knew what to do - it was in her head.. he asked her to lay out the steps for him, she got to 'three'.. and decided she would write down a plan after all.

We washed the barrel outside and then Daddy cut it down the middle after we marked it.  Then we washed it inside and out again, and used the other half for planning.

We measured with the measuring tape, decided the size of the triangles and the distance between them, got some cardboard and cut pieces out to 'test the theory', and it seemed to work.   Then we drew all of the pieces out on wood for Daddy to cut with the saw.  She had to use a square and a marker to make the triangles (with my help).

She did a great job with the electric screwdriver, and put in seven of the eight screws for the triangle braces.

Testing it out - it fits.

 Trying it out - it works!

We did the project!
And now it is cleanup and rest before we do the more 'traditional' school stuff...

9.30a    - construction project, apple bobbing trough. - moving in, washing, cutting barrel, more washing
10.15a    - break
10.45a    - more construction - planning, trying out theory  marking and cutting wood, starting to construct.
12.30p    - break; trough finished.

After the project we took a small break and when she came back upstairs Daddy asked me if we should do P.E. or read.  I asked her - she said she wanted to do P.E.!

1.15p    - PE (30x 10lb bench press, 10x 10lb deadlift, 
              50 situps, 50x 2lb R&L curls,
Each time Daddy asks her what exercise she WANTS to do, and how many - we ask her 'really?' - and she says 'really really'... and each time she actually DID that many, with some breaks on the situps at every ten... 
After that, I suggested she snuggle up in the knitted blanket on the bed with me and read some - which she agreed to.  She just kept going and going on it.. she really liked this story as it had lots of 'gross' in it.

1.45p    - Reading aloud (Frannie Stein- Frantastic Voyage) 
              She wanted to go on and finish the book - so we did.
2.45p    - done - although she wanted to go play Frisbee outside in the sun and then we had her feed and gather eggs from the chickens, too.

As we were finishing the project she said she couldn't wait - when she went back to school (?) she would tell her friends all about using an electric screwdriver.  We just nodded along - she gets it some days and others she thinks she is going back 'next year'... we'll still have to see.  At this point she would be even MORE bored in that same sort of public school class..and not have anywhere near the choices and consideration we are giving her.  We still make her do things - like worksheets, and not 'drama' ... but we do listen to her and involve her with the day's events... which leads to her learning more about what she can really 'do.'

She told me the other day that she was glad she wasn't at school for the 'when there is trouble and it's my fault, even when it isn't.'... I thought that was an interesting note for her.. she said it kind of off-hand, while watching a Johnny Test cartoon... and that was that.  We didn't elaborate, I just said 'Yea..' and agreed that shouldn't happen.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

a Wednesday field trip

9.30a    - worksheets; vocabulary,
      perimeters (addition and subtraction (perimeter with unknowns))
10:15     - spelling words / copywork handwriting
             - using the website to look at the day schedule
             - White Bear fairy tale (Blue Fairy book) - listening quietly while I told it, recounting facts
10:45      - piano - at her request!  Review and a few new ideas.

11.30a     - break
--get ready to go to town, pack snack, grab purse, dress appropriately etc etc.

12:00p     - library, building towers and squares with blocks
               - counting and vocabulary building while we were building blocks
-----(structural integrity, 'failure' pertaining to building, balanced, unbalanced, 'accomplished' etc.)
               - music store visit (field trip), id'ing instruments
1:15 p - lunch

1:30 p - play park P.E. and throwing/catching football
2:30 p - photography, printing photos (read and learned to use menus on machine)
--- navigating store in lead ('map' navigation)

3:30 p - counting out money for purchases at drug store
-- she even impressed me by counting it out so easily, she had 3.00 in her hand for her purchase, and when told what the tax would be she picked it out quickly.

4:30 p - home

We got several books at the library - the one that I want her to read with me tonight is the original Winnie the Pooh. I read a bit of it to her at the park while she ate her lunch ( we had agreed she would not get up and play until she ate all of her lunch).  She kept asking when the school day was 'over'.. but I told her that on some days we break things up here and there, and that counts, too.  So, she would have to read some with me later, but she does that sometimes, anyway so...   Two LARGE boxes came in the mail today and we have put them aside until she goes to bed and we can wrap them up for her birthday.  I still need to find a good cake recipe as well.

Update : So, it has been since October the 6th? that we signed the paper to do homeschooling.  Mark and I were talking together again and agree it was a very good move for Esme.  We are both very tired - and get little rest when she is home - BUT we are less stressed about what she is learning that she shouldn't be, advertent and inadvertent lessons in anxiety, crowd-control, 'coping' mechanisms as they had said at the meeting etc etc... and we can see real progress in the areas she was learning 'hardly anything' in - her reading, spelling and math - as well as many other subjects that were ignored in school or 'not yet'... 

Instead we see the bright curious girl who sometimes giggles too much or argues too much, or 'drama llamas' about not getting her way etc... but we also get to show her the real world and field good constructive questions and directions for her learning.  A lot of the disturbing anxiety behaviors she was doing from the school have continued to fade - we noted that together, as we trade on and off for my days at home so she gets variety in teaching styles.  She has some great ideas - and even when we aren't doing 'actual school' she immerses herself in activity - physical, educational, imaginational... her excess of energy is being used to good activities and learning opportunities instead of being suppressed and discouraged just for the sake of 'calm and order' in a classroom setting.

Also, doing homeschool, she can have breaks at the end of 45 minutes, or the end of her immersion in a subject (which could be three hours at times, or 15 minutes, depending).. if she has put forth a good effort she can see that - if she needs help, we can offer it constructively... if she just wants to 'play' and 'drama llama', we can address that, too.  And she does get to go to real places, use money, make plans, watch the time, weather and obligations etc etc... and build stuff.  She really, really likes to build stuff :)  Another point - in between and after school (since she has more time overall now not being on such a long bus ride) she gets to see US do more things, talk together, cook, drive, read, write, check the calendar/weather/timer for planning, play a game, do math, clean house, shop, bank, post office, yard work, sewing, animal care.. and ask questions, offer ideas, plan with us for the future etc etc..

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday piano lessons

8.45a    - worksheets; verbs, contractions,  math, geometry (cartesian points)
9.45a    - piano lessons (Joseph Hoffman youtubes, Mama and Daddy both teaching, practice)
-----------She took to the keyboard we have pretty well, and practiced the song over and over
10.30a    - break

11.45a    - "blue planet"
12.45p    - break

2.30p    - reading; dinosaurs book, Frannie K Stein
3.30p    - done

10 pm - retelling of a version of the Twelve Dancing Princesses folktale

Daddy said she was quite grumpy today, and needed an extra nap, of which she took one after the nature show.  Tomorrow will be a library and/or park day after some regular schoolwork at home.. depends on the weather.  She wants us to do some inventing/building as well.  She was fascinated with a magnetic cabinet latch as her invention tonight - was taking it apart and putting it back together during the story.

I've downloaded a lot of free ebooks and am reading through them myself (lots of fairy tales and the like) to find ones that are a good message to tell her.  I am a little inspired to draw some of them, like the princesses one.  I have a toy project to sew in these next few days off, too.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday scrabble night

This morning she came up to my bed and asked 'Can I have a break for cartoons before we start the school today?'  Well, it was a good and complete question!  And she didn't ask 'Do we have to have school today?'

9a    - Worksheets, punctuation, math, shapes
10a    - reading aloud (Bears in the Night, Reptiles book)
10.30a    - PE (30x 5lb deadlift, 20x situp, 50x 10lb bench press)
10.45a    - Writing practise
11.15a    - lunch break

12.30p    - ditch digging (helping Daddy move gravel in front of the garage, and talking about purpose)
1.30p    -
3p    - done

When I got home from work she wanted to make a cake, but we didn't have a good recipe or quite enough butter.  Daddy asked her to explain her objections to going to town all by herself and getting us more butter.  She laid them out pretty well - she can't drive the truck, if she walked the bears will eat her and it would take forever, and she had no money.  There is a brain starting to operate in there!   So, Daddy suggested we play Scrabble - and she helped add up the tile scores, search for words and learned more about how to fit possible words into the ongoing game.  She came in second place out of three :)  Most of her words were short but she made a few good ideas and we pointed out other things to her when she was stumped.  As her vocabulary improves she is going to kick tail in Scrabble just like Grandma :)

We read a few Shel Silverstein poems before bedtime.  She liked the push button one where the belly button just makes burps.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday pipe tent

 8 - 45 degree eblows
7 - tees (or crosses)
1 - has-to-be cross
14 - 2 foot pipes
2 - 3 inch pipes
4 - 5 inch pipes

I need to add some more elbows, tees and couplings to our bucket kit... so when we take this down we can do even more :)  The tent panels are from her old hula hoop tent.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday art day (and skating, later)

 Interesting fashion today :)
We went to the lake and did Frisbee .. tried to do our photography there 
but the small camera was battery drained.  

This is the soda pop girl art project from early this morning.  
Also shown is the 'K'nex' feeling machine she built last night as I was getting home
I think she did a great job on the face, using techniques from her cartooning book Aunt Dot sent.

We did get to the photography later - and she took these photos on her own
to be printed out into an album book at the store for her later.

Our moving target shot - and learning how to crop a photo.

more photo cropping practice.

9a    - Crafting, soda bottle girl
10.30a    - math worksheet double digit subtraction and addition, contractions, adjectives worksheets

----small breakdown about this..not that she couldn't do them - but that the art project had been fun and involving and now we were doing worksheets.  She asked 'If I have trouble - will you help me?'  I said yes, if she would get started and actually DO them.  She wanted to do anything but that - and thought maybe the best way to get out of it was to pretend it was too hard, and cry, and slouch down in her chair and hide her face.  We had as serious discussion about this.  She finished her English worksheets (she said: 'But, where is the Spanish?' *roll eyes*) in less than five minutes flat.. grumbled and groused about the math worksheet - pretended to be dumb.. realized Daddy was getting up from his nap and after pretending a bit more with no response (I started reading a book, claimed if she continued, I'd go downstairs and leave her there to finish with Daddy instead) .. the pencil started clicking and she finished the rest with no errors and hardly any more interruptions.

10.45a    - break - walk to lake, Frisbee, fishing a bit, lunch

12p    - photography, editing and saving pics
12.30p    - reading reptiles book, looking at lima beans, butterflies and peppers in garden with me
1p    - break

1.45p    - reading aloud; reptiles book
2:15 p - done.
4:15-5p - Blue Planet, The Coasts.. she really enjoyed it and saw a lot of the reptiles from her book!

She has asked me more again about how many days until she goes back to regular school.  She said she already knew what the teacher was trying to teach - but she enjoyed the bus rides, which were mostly with older children.  We talked about how the teacher was still trying to teach other kids in her class to read small words,and she said 'and teach me to do math - but I could already do that.'  We talked about how that made her teacher a bit upset, 'because I wanted to play in class - because I knew those things.' Yes.  She understood...but still wanted to know when she would get a better teacher.  I told her we wouldn't know until August.. she didn't really like that but accepted it.

//We have planned for two weeks to go out rollerskating.  She is having a hard time waiting for it... keeps asking when the time is (although she knows)... I'm letting her have the afternoon off now to play video games (old Atari) and wind down until the time does get here.

 She met several kids from her school, and several others, too.
She did very well trying hard, and improved greatly after a few times around.
After she was very hard to get to leave we talked about having
responsibility to leave when she needed to - so we could go 
back again another day.  She cried a lot, over that - and also over having
her torn fingernail trimmed.  I think the moon echoed on one of those sobs.