Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pastel Thursday

9:00    - reading: Half-Magic to pg.20
10       - Quizlet vocabulary and copying dictionary definitions
10.30    - Art: Intro to Pastels
11    - Minecraft
11.45    - CC Math Workbook
12p    - break

12.30    - town; stores and mechanic's
1    - break

2p    - Stardew Valley
3.30    - done
Esme's pastel drawing of a forest scene with a deer, a nest of eggs, a bird and an apple.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


8.45    - Video: Lewis and Clark, hour 2
9.45    - break

10:30     - writing paragraph of Minecraft plans
11:00a     - CC Math Workbook
11:10a     - Stardew Valley
12.45    - reading: "Blowin' in the Wind"
    - "The King who tried to Fry an Egg on his Head"
1p    - Minecraft
1.30    - done

//I had the interesting experience of helping five German speaking teenagers (or so) with a project tonight at the hardware store I work at.  They didn't know I understand some German, and they were talking animately between themselves about the project the entire time, over my head, between each other, giving each other advice and exchanging ideas.  I did help with some things, as one of them spoke English well enough to be the interpreter for the rest.  But - I felt like I was a toddler, hearing things I understood all around me, bits and pieces - half the words understood, half not, some of that was too quick etc... but I have almost no ability to respond in German to any of this, only in English.

When I got home from work at ten Esme wanted to go right to bed.. and after she went to bed I opened up my Duolingo and refreshed my Spanish back to level, then started in on the German course (which makes three languages officially started on there, Spanish to level 7, French to level 5 and cleared level 1 in German in no time flat).  I remember a LOT about German, even though it has been years and years since I actively studied it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


8.30    - flea market & store
9.30    - break

10.15    - reading: Borrowers, to end + discussion
11.45    - break

2.45    - CC Math Workbook
3p    - remedial shoe tying
3.15    - Minecraft
4.15    - done

//I can hardly even remember this morning .. as it is now 10:30 at night... but I know I was there *ha*...  Esme asked me if I liked the Borrowers book.. and although she thought it was long and complicated (she asked me what raffia and morose meant as she was reading the end part today), I think she secretly liked it, too..and was a bit disappointed that they didn't tell anymore about them after they were discovered.... she doesn't want to have to read a whole next book (Borrowers Afield) just to know what happened next... but I wasn't intending on making her.  It is saved on my Kindle holds queue for me to read soon.

We're getting so close to the 'end of the schoolyear' for her... and we've really come a long way this year.  Reading all of these chapter books has really opened up something.. she may not want to read long books of her own volition yet, but she knows it is possible and that there is a lot going on in every book she meets.  She can read the Fairy books and the American Girl books with no grumble - as she knows there are even longer books she has read through and gotten to the end.

I'd still like to cover a few more history things - finish Lewis and Clark, cover the Mayans and/or the Incas and go over (because she asked the other day and didn't believe my answers) what goes on in plant and animal cells - and what that means in a bigger context (different types of cells etc.).

And then after the 'end' of the school year... there will be a summer break, and public school starts at the end of July.  Don't really want to think too hard on that yet, although I know I will worry about it subconsciously even as I try to let it be until it gets here....

Mom notes : // start painted lady peas and more marigolds... find transition metals book and dive into chemistry a bit again during MY  break... sew Esme's pair of pants from the Murray fabric, go through her clothes and pick out the destroyed stuff again.. pants and socks with holes etc.  get a clear picture of what she has again.  And I am eagerly awaiting the book for the Magnus Chord Organ we received from a friend at work... ordered a book of the music by mail.  I was reading Dragonspell, the first in a series by Donita Paul,and it has heavy religious overtones... making it a little difficult to keep reading, but it hasn't really stripped the story too much yet... getting close though.  I have Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet lined up for after that.

Monday, April 25, 2016


10    - reading: Felicity Saves the day chp 5
10.30    - reading: Borrowers to pg 150
12p    - break

1p    - CC Math Workbook
1.15    - PE; walking & stationary bike riding
1.30    - writing: 5 sentences about Stardew Valley
2p    - break

3p    - Minecraft with Mom
4p    - done

Saturday, April 23, 2016


We went out to the Amish Auction this morning with Grandma, my friends from work and their daughter.  After spending a bit of time there we came back and played at the lake for a bit.  Both of the girls ended up in the lake up their waists and a good deal of mud, as well. 

After they left, I settled down to playing a bit in the garden, getting some sun, and reading a book.  I started and finished (how often does that happen anymore?) a quick read - Pennyroyal Academy, by M.A. Larson.  It was really good!  I've downloaded two other books and will see if they are anywhere near as good.  In the garden more radishes and peas are coming up... some other things too, but harder to tell for sure.  I don't see the cucumbers at all, they might not have been good seed or just taking forever?

I might take Esme out to the roller rink tomorrow - will have to see how the day unfolds.

Friday, April 22, 2016


9a    - Stardew Valley
10a    - reading: Felicity Saves the Day chp 4
10.15    - reading: Night Gliders
    - reading: Borrowers to pg 120
12    - break

3:30 - working on a new box house
//I brought a new big cardboard box home from work - she got to cutting and taping and drawing on it immediately... I told her we would start the history movie a little after four...

4:15 - Lewis and Clark movie, part one
5:15 - done