Thursday, March 05, 2015

Thursday treehouses and transportation build

 We built a transportation system in Minecraft today - mostly at my prompting, because she had tamed some horses.  I had also built a library the day before while she was asleep - she put an anvil and tieups for the horses out in front of it.  We are writing books about the world and storing them in chests in the library.

 I could count some of the book writing as spelling practice.  And she read the book about transportation that I had made.  I built a bridge across the river for our horses and she helped me build a railroad called 'all you can hurl' rollercoaster across the world to a new place.

 The glass structure is her 'skydiving station'. There is a little village near there we are building on, but she is up and down whether or not she wants to make decisions there.

Then she built teepees with me, to play Indian.  Her rules for Indian Minecraft are you cannot fly, wear a helmet or destroy any of the 'ancient forest' which are the jungle trees she planted.

Midafternoon we watched some Frozen planet and she also measured pork rub spices with Daddy on the balance scale according to their recipe, making enough for porkchops for dinner and a pork roast later tonight.  She is really getting good at measuring exactly enough and telling that it is correct before she dumps it into the mixing container.

9:15 - dragon city, maintenance, decisions, war, breeding, etc.
9:50 - Minecraft LAN, bridge, rollercoaster, road, skydiving station, library books
12:00 - Frozen planet dvd over lunch
1 pm - more Minecraft LAN, Indian Teepee, treehouses, exploration, watering hole with road
2:30 pm - measuring spices with balance beam scale
3pm - more LAN, discussing village, sheep, more Indian teepee and decorations (she used skulls in hers)
4pm - done with school, but she is still playing...thinking, she says... 15 minutes after that she still  hadn't made any decisions and had a fit over my disagreeing with her how to grow jungle trees (if the grass needed to be removed or not) and went to her room in a tizzy.

Dinner is in an hour... she was playing pretty much straight most of the day so she really needed to take a break but didn't want to.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015


 copywork from her Calvert book

9.45a    - dragon city
10.15a    - PE(200x jumping jacks, 20x 20lb stair laps)
10.30a    - break
11:30a  -  discussion about volcanoes
11.45a    - copywork
12.30p    - reading (3 billy goats, stone soup)
12.45p    - Frozen planet ep 2, 3, 4 (Spring, Summer, Fall)
3p    - done

//She wants to play soccer in the hallway, show me her new LEGO builds and then we might talk more about either seals or volcanoes.  We had done some discussion about volcanoes before I left for work - had promised her a video but didn't have time before I had to go.  She told me that Daddy and her talked about different kinds of seals.  I asked her what they eat, and what eats them - and she was able to tell me good answers.  She still wants me to make a seal toy for her - but wanted it to be 'real'..said that wasn't going to happen and she said oh, yea.  heh

She was reading some in the new HONEY book she had borrowed from the library.  Her complaint is that the books are just so long - but she had trouble only with a few higher level words.  'barrelling', 'honestly', 'forged', 'meant', 'Peterson', 'fostered'.  Her reading is really 'forging' along, but she still gets tired of it quickly.  Daddy and her had an argument today about what day of the week it is...she wanted it to be Thursday so she only had one more day of school left.

//We watched a geography video about volcanoes, and went over some of the vocabulary written down.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tuesday Building

9    - dragon city
9.30    - lego presentation and engineering, arches and supports
 --She really thought the 'arch' was just the shape of a bridge.  I told her how important that really was to history - making open spaces with fewer materials and making STRONG spaces and bridges.  We found several LEGO pieces that were already arch shaped, some wooden blocks from her room, and we built an arch going over the swimming pool and practice items she had made the night previous for her puppy character.  We then built (and rebuilt) a slide for the pool and the arch bridge to show how to make something stronger.
10.30    - break

11:15am - LAN Minecraft to discuss the arch, setting time with commands, etc..  When asked she made an arch all by herself over a porch we had made another day.  She did it quickly and showed understanding very well.  I made a little building in my area with double arches ... she thought it was OK, but was already on to other ideas.
1.15p     - break

A shot of the LAN world,she added the treehouses, the arch over the porch stairs and the stable post for the horse today.. among other things, I am sure.  The blue 'Moon Castle' is the building I added today.

1.30p    - minecraft on her own world, building
2.30p    - break

9:30 - revisiting Lego, invention labs, spaceships and egg nests, reading new book from library
10:00 - bedtime

//I really hope we don't get this snowstorm they are predicting.

Monday, March 02, 2015


9a    - dragon city
9.45a    - PE (running outside)
10a    - Joy of Painting s06e11
10.30a    - PE (100x jumoing jacks, 10x 20lb bench, 100x 10lb bench, 10x 20lb stairwalk)
11a    - break

1p    - GS discovery walk
2p    - break

3p    - library & town run
4p    - break

6.30p    - Frozen Planet ep 1
7.30p    - done

Friday, February 27, 2015


Daddy had school today - and they had agreed last night she could watch a certain movie about Kung Fu style fighting as she  has been practicing with a staff on her own to try and needed to see more 'material'.

10a    - hair care
10.15    - PE (200x jumping jacks, 20x 10lb deadlift)
10.30a    - dragon city
10.45a    - matific
11.15a    - dictionary exploring
11.30    - break

12.30    - town & stores
--They researched palette knives like are used in the Joy of Painting episodes, and other supplies.  They looked at and bought heavier weights for her weight lifting set.
1p    - break

1.30p    - PE (30x 20lb bench, 10x 20lb squats)
1.45p    - Movie: "Legend of Drunken Master"
3.30p    - break

She is downstairs playing with the Speak and Spell now, which we had finally gotten batteries for after they had come to town to get me at work.  Mark watched the outtakes to Drunken Master with Esme, too - and proved her these were real people, who make mistakes, and get hurt - and they also helped each other out, laughed etc...  We got Big Hero 6 and she has watched that twice.

Weekend off!  For everyone :)
I'm trying not to get a sinus infection and spend some time sitting in bed knitting a new pair of socks.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday geometry and town run

10.30a    - English worksheets
Reading comprehension sheet: 'The Weather', also a long -i recognition sheet (circle the ones that are) and then a fill in the blank I had made of which word goes where - 'where', 'were', 'they', 'there', 'their', 'we', 'which' and 'when'.  She fussed for a moment - but with the goal of playing her pet doctor/care game she then sped through them...even after I told her the first two were first grade and the last one was second grade.  She has been insisting that first grade was too hard for her, not too easy...but she continues to show me again and again that she is bored and 'why should I do this?' when I hand her the first grade stuff....unless I identify it as such. //thoughts here....
11a     - pet playing game, 'pet doctor', feeding, care
11:30     - break
Solid geometry experiments in construction paper
and a poor turkey with a cone on his head

12p    - pyramids; solid geometry, pinata
----I used the net boxes from Math Salamanders to cut out lots of geometric solids, some of which she helped me put together - or compared, talked about features of etc.  She really 'gets' it.  We cut cones from construction paper - that she found hard, because we started with no pattern.  Then also with no real pattern - we cut out a cube box and a rectangular prism.  She started to fuss that it was too easy yet too hard for her to do it..we did it together, and she understood the fundamental of what we were doing --then she thought it was fun and worthwhile.  We went downstairs and made a pinata in the shape of a pyramid.  I showed her the process for cutting a square out of a rectangular piece of paper, and we compared the triangle from the pyramid to see if all the sides were the same.  Then, I showed her how to make an isosceles triangle out of a square.
1.15p    - break

1.30p    - town & stores
--she helped us shop for the first time in 12 days....we had a lot of things to get.  Her attitude was very good.
--There is a lot of cooperation, thought and learning in this - she sees us all work together, we make decisions, she asks questions and we answer... we pack things in the cart and back out of the cart - she also counted her own change at one store and bought a small toy with her allowance.
3:3p    - break, home, put things away

4p -  hang pinata and break it
4:15p - break